Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Bookshop on the Heath

A friendly wave from The Bookshop on the Heath!
One of my ultimate favourite places is The Bookshop on the Heath in Blackheath Village, south east London. It's like walking into one of those really old libraries that has so much character and is full to the brim with second hand books, signed first editions, posters and book illustrations. It has that convincing and oh-so-lovely old book smell... I am hoping you all know what I mean... There was one instance at school when I took a long deep breath to take in all the papery goodness of a book we'd been given to read only to find a handful of friends staring at me like I was some kind of book-smelling alien.

Anyhow... back to the bookshop. It's been around since 1949, making it one of the oldest second hand bookshops in Greater London and in its time has accumulated a mountain of fantastic books. There's a great range available, too, from modern crime classics to old children's books and rows and rows of old Penguin editions.

If you're looking for something in particular, do ask, because the owners are incredibly helpful. Saying that, it really is worth just diving in and seeing what you can find. Sure, you might not be able to fork out thousands of pounds for a signed first edition, but there is plenty there for your average book-buyer at ridiculously cheap prices and also plenty of
titles that are currently out of print.

It was also used for a couple of episodes in Spooks! Why not pop in and see if you recognise it?
The Bookshop on the Heath
74 Tranquil Vale
Tel:   0208 852 4786

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